About me

My name is David Rudge and a little while ago I had to take a bit of time recovering from a brain injury. I spent these quiet, sitting moments, enjoying drawing and crafting which lead to the creation of lighting up some of my silhouette art. Being a massive fan of comic book art and the cinematic film industry my first few frames were Doctor Who's T.A.R.D.I.S and a Batman silhouette. I showed a friend and they fell in love with the idea. Light Frame Designs were born and in my first month I made over 80 commissioned frames!

I started to design silhouettes that people would love, using photos that I had taken or sketches I had put together to create silhouettes. I am fascinated by what the mind sees when looking at black shapes in front of light. We tend to fill in the details with our mind, human beings are drawn to silhouettes, sunsets and natural beauty. I try to create this in my designs by lighting them gently. Everybody sees something different in the image and yet can still admire the silhouette shape.

photo 05-06-2020, 10 11 49.jpg

All the silhouettes you see are hand cut from black paper which defuses the light creating a set black silhouette. Hand cutting can be a long process, taking up to 40 hours for some of my larger silhouettes. Patience is key, not rushing to finish but taking time with every cut to ensure that when the picture is finished a high quality was maintained throughout the whole process. My love of what I do comes from the excitement of seeing a finished lit silhouette. I am also humbled from knowing that some of the more personal frames that I have created for people who are grieving over a loss or have a personal connection to the image can be loved in a way that I won't ever understand but I know that I was part of that connection.


I am proud of my little business and in time I hope more people will benefit from my designs.