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Bespoke light up silhouettes

Your favourite images,

individually cut by hand

and beautifully lit up


Commissions taken

​My work

What to leave and what to keep?

The process of turning a photograph into a silhouette or a hollow cut can be a long one, hours in fact. The more detail in the picture, the longer it takes to cut it by hand but that's why they are unique. I never use stencils or laser cutting. During the cutting process I have to decide which parts of the image to leave in and which to remove. Taking too much away leaves an unrecognisable image, it is the same for leaving in too much.


All of my images are cut from one piece of black paper, there is no room for error!


I love the materialisation of every picture I cut. This video is the process of 9 hours of cutting in just over 2 minutes.