Dolgoch Falls Canopy
  • Dolgoch Falls Canopy


    If you ever have the pleasure of visiting mid Wales, then you must take the time to venture up the winding path of the Dolgoch Falls. At the top of the falls you are sheltered by some of the oldest and most beautiful trees in Wales that together create a wonderful canopy. I saw this natural silhouette above me and had to take a photo. I could not wait to get home, strap the picture on the board and start cutting with my scalpal. The largest silhouette (24" x 32") I cut for this piece of art takes a little over 40 hours to do. All frames come with remote controlled white lighting that have a timer included, this allows you to programme the frame to light up on and off every day for 6 hours, at the same time of day. Batteries last for up to 60 hours depending on use and are easily replaceable. This Light Frame requires 3 x AA Batteries. This silhouette art work is cut by hand from scratch after being ordered. Please allow 1 - 4 weeks from ordering for your Dolgoch Falls Canopy to be ready depending on the size. Each size has a different process time. They are: 7" x 10" - 1 week 12" x 16" - 2 weeks 16" x 20" - 3 weeks 20" x 28" - 4 weeks 24" x 32" - 4 weeks You will receive regular progress updates as your art work is created. Delivery is available but I would suggest choosing free pick from the studio for the large frames or contact me and I can hand deliver to you. Please message me if you are thinking of ordering this piece as I may have one in stock already. I cut 2 silhouettes for every order I take to save time. This allows me to carry some stock of these larger pieces.