12” x 16” The Doe in the woods (remote controlled, colour changing)
  • 12” x 16” The Doe in the woods (remote controlled, colour changing)


    Hand cut from one sheet of black (noir) paper set in a black wooden frame. This 12” x 16” lit up silhouette is the perfect gift for all. Lights up any room and can be wall mounted to be used for a night light or a unique wall decoration. Remote controlled and powered by 3 AA batteries (included). Lighting options include 10 different colours, timer, fade and a jump setting. Also available in remote control white lighting for a subtle glow too.


    Light Frames are a creation and design by silhouette and light artist David Rudge based in Stonesfield, Oxfordshire. Every silhouette is cut by hand with a scalpel in thick black paper. This paper defuses the light projecting from the back of the frame to create the beautiful silhouette. The sunset backgrounds are photos taken of the setting sun over the Cotswolds and when unlit each frame just look like a standard piece of art work.


    The solid black wooden frames are built by hand from a family framing company in Yorkshire. David takes pride in providing the absolute best quality of silhouette art work, taking hours to cut each picture with care, mount and light them up.


    David Rudge Light Frame Designs are a unique, never seen before type of craft silhouette art that would be perfect for any home.


    Please allow 5 days from ordering to receiving your frame, most frames are generally ready and received within 3 days. All frames are made from scratch, every silhouette is cut by hand. International shipping - ONLY frames sizes 6" x 4" and 5" x 7" can be sent internationally. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery depending on your country of origin.

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